We used Morris Organizers to stage our home after unsuccessfully trying to sell for more than 3 months. They spent 2 days at our house, and the transformation was nothing short of spectacular. After 3 months of opening houses every weekend with no offers, we got an offer on the open house the weekend that they worked their magic. We’re so happy with Morris Organizers we’re going to have them handle all the decor and organization for our new home. Can’t say enough good things about Morris Organizers!!

A. from Palmer, PA

What a great holiday party last night!!  Thank you to Barbara and Russ for making it happen.  Really, they literally made the whole thing happen.  They have a few elves that help them but Barbara and Russ do the heavy lifting.  From the theme, decorations, cocktails and appetizers, dinner and dessert, to the photo booth, Secret Santa and raffle – they do it all.  Phew!  Tired just writing about it.  Thanks again for creating an evening where we can celebrate together.

A. from Chatham, NJ

I wanted you to know this holiday season how special you both are! I am so very grateful that I found you. Looking at my basement makes me happy (or at least happier). I feel like I have a grip on some of the worst parts of my home and that I can do this, so thank you!

J. from East Hanover, NJ

Just wanted to let you know that our apartment sold quickly and above asking price! We heard nothing but raves from people who (saw) the apartment. We were both so happy that we hired you because the process would not have been nearly as smooth otherwise.

M. from New York, NY

I spoke with D. she had a wonderful experience with the two of you!!! You both are the best at what you do!!! Anytime I can refer you both I will.

A. from Madison,  NJ

Although our experience together was limited that was totally due to my own limitations. You were always responsive, responsible and understanding. I think you guys are terrific!

N from Mountain Lakes,  NJ

What a fantastic job you did for us, helping unpack, organize, rearrange, and find space for our things.  Working with you was delightful too!  We so appreciate the hard work you put in, your great attitudes, professionalism, and kindness.
I feel like a huge weight is lifted off of me, now that we are finally unpacked from our move!  You went so above and beyond. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

B. from Califon, NJ

Thank you, Morris Organizers! When I retired last year and decided to move from New Jersey to Las Vegas, organize and stage my townhouse for sale, and consolidate and pack up my possessions for the move, Barbara and Russ were my “go to” team since I had used them before. They know the correct method to declutter any space and the results are incredible. I sold my home in less than a month due to their care and diligence. When getting ready for a major move, you need the best people helping you. And that is Morris Organizers.

A. from Las Vegas, NV

I need to thank Russ and Barb again and again for the work that you did here. It almost gets me going downstairs for no reason except to look at the space that has been created there. It is a functional place and surprisingly, I know exactly where to look when I need something! I feel as though you two know me and my idiosyncrasies about as well as anyone! You will be hearing from me again!

P. from Mountain Lakes, NJ

Thank you so much for your kindness and support for our Sisters and those in need who live with us. Thank you for setting up a donation of cribs from the Mandarin Oriental hotel, and for giving of your life that others may live.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent, Manhattan, NY

It was a tough sell to get my father, age 89, to agree to hire organizing help with the inside of his home.  Happy to hire a landscaper or a plumber, it was hard to figure out how to start this whole process, especially when he felt that he should be able to do it himself.  However, after years of caring for my mother, and then more years alone, the task had become too large.  Finally, he agreed to let me hire someone, and fortunately, I had a really good feeling about Morris Organizers from our phone consultation.  Dad was nervous before our first work session, and so was I, because I figured that if we didn’t all “click” that day, I might never have another chance.

I needn’t have worried.  Russ and Barb are a perfect fit for the challenging case.  They took a quick look around, asked Dad where he’d like to start, and we all dug in.  Able to see past the clutter (which was all I could see at that point), Barb said something we hadn’t heard in years:  “You have a lovely home.”  They were respectful and understanding, kindly listening to my father as he told the background of each most recently found item.  Russ learned more about my father’s hobbies than I would have thought possible, and started using the technical shorthand terms along with my father as they sorted.  They were absolutely non-judgmental and simply there to provide needed assistance.  Dad was put at ease almost immediately.  What had gotten to be an overwhelming task for my father became conquerable as we tackled area by area, room by room.

Very little was purchased as we made impressive headway; instead, unused items have been repurposed to help the cause in the most economical way possible.  Russ organized the work bench in the garage better than it’s ever been.  Barb, who’s helped at least a few elderly people with their homes, demonstrates excellent insight into the whole process.  They are a fantastic team and they work surprisingly quickly.  It didn’t feel like we were rushing, but at the end of each work session, the progress was amazing.  Incredibly, they can also assist in removing stuff: there’s a state program that picks up old appliances (who knew?) for free, and Barb found it.  The difference is astounding and truly worth every penny.

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, as a truly grateful daughter.

C. from Hackettstown, NJ

Thank you, THANK YOU Morris Organizers for helping us to regain control of our home. As busy professionals, focusing on our living space’s “problem areas” has always been a challenge. Your professionalism, talent and friendship have made a would-be painful process, a pure cathartic delight! Looking forward to seeing you soon so that you can apply some more of your magic touches to our home.

J. from Sparta, NJ

Being a disabled, house and bed-bound middle aged woman, I was trapped and buried inside my house. Thank God for Morris Organizers, who came and basically saved my life! They are true professionals who deal with highly emotional clients who have strong attachments to their belongings. Morris Organizers friendly staff are considerate of their clients’ needs and desires, and will work with you and your budget every step of the way. They tactfully guide to a better maintenance outlook and daily upkeep. The hard working staff purged and re-organized my home so well, and now I can easily move around with my walker and find whatever I need. With teamwork they strive together to achieve their goal, which is to make their customers happy. I am one happy, happy customer!

M. from Lake Hiawatha, NJ

As a professional real estate agent, I feel that Morris Organizers have given me a competitive edge on selling my clients’ homes. They are extremely easy to work with! They are patient, understanding and specific to my sellers’ needs. Morris Organizers showcase the best features of homes by creating an inviting, warm, and attractive ambiance that buyers can easily envision themselves living in. The result is a quick sale for the best possible price!

S. from Randolph, NJ

Morris Organizers did a fabulous job de-cluttering my basement. They helped me to throw away a lot of unnecessary things. I felt good to give away many unneeded but still useful items. And the biggest headache of all, an old hot water heater, was finally removed from my basement by their intervention. Thanks Morris Organizers – I will be calling you again!

A. from Cedar Grove, NJ

Morris Organizers renewed my home by tailoring my living space to fit my lifestyle. They are exceptionally approachable, and made me feel comfortable to express my needs through every step of the redesign. Morris Organizers made moving into a new home a breeze, working quickly to ensure the transition was painless. My new home was transformed into a comfortable, inspiring space that I’m excited to see everyday.

M. from Daytona Beach, FL

Thank you, thank you, Morris Organizers!  My small guest bathroom and large bedroom needed to brought out of the “80s” in a bad way, and Morris Organizers transformed both rooms.  After you finished the bathroom, which combined my style with a more modern feel,  I felt more than comfortable letting you tackle the bedroom.   The combination of color choices for both rooms, which I never would have been brave enough to pick on my own, look awesome! Your suggestions on the placement of accessories I already owned, somehow made my old things look better than ever.  My close family and friends, who knew what the rooms previously looked like, were astounded by the difference and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks again for a fabulous job!

F.  from Succasunna, NJ

Morris Organizers were a pleasure to work with in designing the floor plan of our new home.  They were imaginative, fun, easy to work with and both had a keen eye for design that felt complimentary to my own style.  They even helped put together some of our new pieces of furniture!  Without a doubt, Morris Organizers  made our new home feel comfortable, welcoming, and uncluttered.  We love you guys!

B. from Westfield, NJ

I am so glad I called Morris Organizers! My condo storage unit was always too much for me to tackle on my own. I was nervous (and a little embarrassed) about strangers seeing my mess, but these folks were so friendly and easy to talk to when they showed up, they quickly put me at ease. After I explained my needs for the space, they got right to work, and moved very quickly.  The room I could barely even enter was transformed in a few hours into a spacious and organized storage unit. I’m so glad I found you guys!

K. from Basking Ridge, NJ

Morris Organizers were quite an asset during the relocation and sale of my father’s home. They coordinated with movers, cleaners, appraisers, auctioneers, and realtors to handle a wide array of issues. They donated a great deal of my father’s things, listed and sold others, and did it all with very little direction from me.  I am so grateful that they were able to help me move very quickly through a process that could have dragged on interminably. Consummate professionals, very hard workers, and good people.

H. from Montville, NJ

Morris Organizers are just great! They helped me organize and accomplish a permanent move to Florida after 30 years living and accumulating “stuff” in NJ. Not only did they help me organize two garage sales, but they methodically knew how to pack in a neat and concise way to minimize the boxes the moving truck had to take. Morris Organizers have the right mental and physical tools to accomplish any and all kinds of organizational, design and inspiring environments. I could not have done it without them!

L. from North Ft Myers, FL