Home Staging and Redesign

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  • Goals  |  Discussion of your needs and objectives
  • Our Approach  |  Explanation and description of our home staging and redesign philosophy
  • First Impressions  |  Evaluation of each room, discovering the best features and identifying any trouble areas
  • Quote  |  Based on the amount of work needed to facilitate either a speedy sale and the highest dollar amount for your home, or the dramatic renewal and redesign of your home for you to live in and enjoy
  • Sample transformation  |  A small living space is turned around (if time permits)
Barbara Nowacki and Russ Tybus, Morris Organizers




  • Peace-of-mind  |  Our staging, organizing, and redesign professionals do the work for you
  • Transformation  |  Each space in your home is optimized to create a great first impression for potential buyers and guests alike
  • Accessorizing  |  Additional pieces can be purchased on your behalf, or rented for the duration of a real estate listing
  • 20 Minute Game Plan  |  We leave you with a check list for getting the home show-ready in a pinch
  • Marketing  |  Top notch photos are taken for your marketing efforts


  • Relax  |  We come to your home the day of your open house to help spruce things up
  • Double Check  |  Great way to follow up on a DIY project
  • Realistic  |  Perfect for families that simply cannot live in a staged home – that’s most of us!


  • Customized  |  We will purchase items that are perfect for your space and that match your personal style
  • Discounts  |  This allows us to pass along our Trade discounts from the retailers directly to you
  • Time Saving  |  Ideal for homeowners who do not have time for more errands!

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